Life after Coronavirus Will Your Dog Be Ok?

Coronavirus A Whole New World for Us and Our Pets (1)
Life after Coronavirus, Will Your Dog Be Ok? Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Without a doubt, our dogs are loving being sheltered at home with them! For a dog, this is a dream come TRUE!  But … when humans go back to their daily lives and activities, will our dogs be ok? Image by congerdesign from Pixabay Coronavirus: A Whole New World for Us and Our Pets For most of us, we’ve never seen anything like this before; where life, as we knew it, has completely stopped and shut down. According to the Business Insider on April 7, 2020, approximately 95% ofRead more

A Professional Pet Sitter Is Priceless for THIS Too!

If you own a pet, you probably already know the value of a professional pet sitter! But they protect more than your pets! Image by La Miko from Pexels Did you know that a pet sitter represents peace of mind, not only for your beloved pets but also for your home during your absence? Whether its long hours at the office, out-of-town travel for business or pleasure or just date night, it’s important that your pet and home are looked after and protected; especially during the cold winter (and hot summer) months! A trusted professional dog or pet sitter canRead more

Yes, Your Littleton Feline Needs a Regular Cat Sitter; Here’s Why!

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay It’s true, your feline (just like a canine) needs love and attention every day from their favorite pet sitter to ensure they’re happy and well! While cats may seem more independent, they still need daily visits and social interaction to support their overall well-being and safety. In fact, below are five purr-fect reasons why your cat needs a regular sitter! Image by Юрий Сидоренко from Pixabay Curious Noses and Paws Our pets are incredibly curious and even nosy! When left to their own devices for too long, cats (just like dogs) can get themselves intoRead more

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog: How to Avoid K9 Heatstroke! 

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog: How to Avoid K9 Heatstroke! Image by 2999607 from Pixabay For the ultimate mountain and dog lover, hiking season is here!   But first, learn some lifesaving information about K9 heat exhaustion and deadly heatstroke. You just might save your dog’s life!   Without a doubt, we have the best trails and mountain views in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado! But to enjoy the safest experiences, it’s important to effectively prepare before heading out!   Did you know that even in the cooler temperatures of the mountains, your dog can still be challenged with heat stress/exhaustion; and if left unaddressed, can lead to life-threatening heatstroke?   It’s true.  Image by Terje Ansgar Eriksen from Pixabay  Remember, most dogs don’t have an “off” switch especially ifRead more

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog Avoid These 6 Plants

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog Avoid These 6 Plants Image by Janet Meyer from Pixabay With warmer temperatures, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails with your dog! But before you do, read this quick blog to know which plants are not dog-friendly!  I love hitting the trails in Colorado with my K9 friends. But with all the snow, and now warmer temperatures, it’s critical to stay vigilant for native plants that could harm your dog. Even some of the most beautiful wildflowers pose a very real risk to an unsuspecting dog (or human). So before you lace up the hikingRead more

It’s Chip Your Pet Month; Have You?

It’s Chip Your Pet Month; Have You?   Photo 472497 © Kitsen - When your pet goes missing, a simple embedded chip could help him find his way back home sooner. Before it’s too late, get your pet chipped! REAL STORY!  Just last week, one of my sitters saw a post in her local neighborhood Facebook Group.  The post was about a found poodle.  It didn’t have a picture, so we responded, asking for a picture, low and behold, we recognized this Standard Poodle as one of our grooming clients at The Ken Caryl Pet Spa!  We texted &Read more

Did You Know First Aid Could Save Your Pet’s Life?

Did you know first aid could save your pet's life
Did You Know First Aid Could Save Your Pet’s Life? April is National Pet First Aid Awareness … would YOU know What to do in the event of a pet emergency? What you do – or don’t do – could save your pet’s life! No one ever counts on an emergency happening. But they will happen and what you know (or don’t know) could drastically affect the outcome, especially for your pet. Even if you do end up seeking veterinarian help, the first few minutes of a pet-related emergency could mean the difference between life and death. Emergencies can happenRead more

It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love!

It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love! The first full week every March is dedicated to Professional Pet Sitters. Let’s show some love to those who love our pets!   As a pet owner, we understand your pet is a member of the family. When life gets in the way, whether its long hours at work, business travel or vacation travel, it’s just as important that your pet’s schedule and care remains a top priority! Having a trusted dog or pet sitter makes that easy! But, not all “pet sitters” are the same; and not all pet sittingRead more

It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

National Train Your Dog Month Cat Sitting Littleton CO

It’s National Train Your Dog Month! Training is not just for the brand-new puppy; it offers benefits throughout your dog’s life and helps re-strengthen your bond with your beloved family member. Whether you’re going to do it on your own or search out a professional trainer, dog training should be a staple (like exercise, food and medical care) in your relationship with your K9. Training is never a “one-and-done” activity and it’s so much more than just obedience commands and the recitation of moves. All training (no matter the specific method) should be positive and force-free, consistent, relatively short and

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Help Your Pet Avoid Cabin Fever During Cold Winter Months

With colder temperatures and snow, keeping your pet happy and content can be a bit more challenging, especially if they (or you!) are not fans of winter months. Also, with the extra demands of the holiday season, it can be a struggle to find enough quality time to spend with your pets. But despite the colder temperatures and crowded holiday schedules, it’s just as important to provide regular physical exercise and mental stimulation for your pets. Or hire someone who can help. Pet Winter Safety: Active but Safe Just like their human owners, pets can become bored, complacent and even

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