National Walk Your Dog Week: October 1-7

Excuse us, your dog would like to make an announcement. The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week! Created in 2010 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, National Walk Your Dog Week focuses on improving the health and well-being of America’s dogs by talking them (and ourselves) for a walk! Why is This Week So Important? Interestingly, the National Walk Your Dog Week precedes and addresses another important October “pet holiday” … namely, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (on October 10th this year). Did you know that being overweight or obese is an

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Pet Suffocation is a Preventable Tragedy!

Pet Suffocation is a preventable tragedy

You come home to find your pet motionless with a chip bag or other type of bag over their head. These mylar type bags become a hazard that your pet may find in the trash, cupboard or on the counter. We never want to hear of this untimely tragedy for any of our clients, so please help spread the word! Make sure to dispose of these types of bags properly (cut the bottom off) and make sure you pet cannot reach counters or trash cans. Resources:

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How Do We Compete With Companies Like Rover & Wag! Popping Up?

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Any business needs to be on their toes, constantly reinventing themselves to compete in their market and after 20 years, it is crazy how the pet industry has changed. Who would have been able to guess that we would have special software for dog walkers and pet sitters, let alone apps where we can just schedule a sitter we have never met to come into our house to care for our furry family members? When I started this pet sitting “gig” in 1995, most people hadn’t even heard of a pet sitter or the concept! My Goal is to put

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PSP Portal-Payments & Gratuities

To easily pay through the Pet Sitter Plus Client Portal, we have given you some screen shots to assist you! First access your client portal.  Instructions for this are located HERE. (To schedule pet care reservations, instructions are located HERE.) Here is your Account Summary.  We have had many questions about adding a tip for our pet sitters and the latest release now makes this very easy. (see red arrow)  The next column is your total per invoice.  You may click on the pencil/edit icon to add a tip.  (Please know that 100% of any gratuity goes directly to the

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Preventing Knee Injuries and ACL Surgical Repair in Dogs

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What’s an ACL or a CCL anyway? The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (or CCL which is the Cranial Cruciate Ligament) is one of the knee ligaments that work as a stabilizer to help the knee to support your body. It’s also called the “football knee injury”. Over the years, I have witnessed several dogs with ACL repairs from assisting during the actual surgery to helping provide care post-op through my pet sitting business to watching dogs that have an ACL tear or rupture that has not been repaired. There are recent studies showing that some breeds are more prone to the

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Dog-Friendly Places in the Denver Metro Area

Dog-Friendly Places in the Denver Metro Area | Distinctive Pet Care

The Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery Located in our home town of Littleton, CO, The Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery is a place where both the beer and the food are handcrafted. Their outdoor Beer Garden is dog-friendly and has breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Location: 2990 Brewery Lane, Littleton, CO 80120 Phone: (303) 803-1380 Website: The Watering Bowl The Watering Bowl is a dog-friendly tavern complete with its very own 7000 square foot dog park. The dog park boasts a fenced area for the dogs with a kiddie pool, picnic tables, couches, and lounge chairs. Inside, where the dogs

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Back to School: Is It Time For A Dog Walker?

Back to School: Is it Time for a Dog Walker? | Distinctive Pet Care

How Can a Mid-day Visit Help My Dog? A midday visit will help break up Fido’s day allowing him to get a potty break and some TLC. Midday visits give Fido mental stimulation and exercise. Being left alone all day after constant companionship can cause some separation anxiety and a midday visit is just the trick!   Is a Mid-day Visit Right For My Dog? Most dogs do well with one or two visits during that day while their family is away at school or work. Mid-day visits are great for those families with puppies that have had go back

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Free Pet Sitting Extras

Free Pet Sitting Extras | Distinctive Pet Care

As professional pet sitters, both your home and your pets are our top priority. Exceptional pet care is not the only part of booking service with Distinctive Pet Care, we include a few free pet sitting extras such as watering plants, collecting mail, and feeding your backyard birds. Here is a list of the free pet sitting extras we offer.   Home Security Having an “at home” appearance to your house helps your home appear to have someone there during our service which may be a deterrent to potential burglars. We offer light & curtain rotation, as well and TV

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cat Sitter

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cat Sitter | Distinctive Pet Care

Your cat prefers the quiet comfort and the familiar smells and sound of home. If Fluffy had it her way, she would never have to leave the house unless of course, you let her outside to catch that Cardinal at the bird feeder. Hiring a professional cat sitter is perfect for Fluffy. She still gets all the comforts of home while still having someone wait on her hand and foot. Here is a list of reasons why you should hire a professional cat sitter for your cat’s next staycation. They Provide Peace of Mind Professional cat sitters pride themselves on

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Leash Laws and Off-leash Dog Attacks

Leash Laws and Off-leash Dog Attacks | Dog Walker Littleton, CO

The weather is warmer and that means more people are outside walking their dogs. Unfortunately, that also means more off leash dogs as well. Littleton has strict leash laws. According to the city’s website, leash laws with the City of Littleton are as followed: “Both the City of Littleton and South Suburban Parks and Recreation require that, outside of designated off-leash parks, pets must be on a leash at all times. Both park rules and city ordinances specify that the leash cannot be more than six feet long. Retractable leashes are not allowed anywhere in the city, including the High

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