Winter Safety Tips for Pets

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Know what temperature your dog can handle Number one on our list of winter safety tips for pets is, know what temperature your dog can handle. Some dogs were born for the snow! Others prefer to bask in the sun and vacation in Florida! Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, and Great Pyrenees have what it takes in their DNA to withstand extreme temperatures and long snowy hikes. Their double coat protects them from the elements. Be careful when taking Chico the Chihuahua and other small toy breeds outside during a winter wonderland. Their small stature and short hair can cause a leisurely

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Communication Is A Two-Way Street

Communication Is A Two-Way Street! Hiring Distinctive Pet Care means that you have a staff of dedicated individuals to care for your furry family members. To avoid miscommunication all correspondence needs to come from and to one source; our office. The preferred method is through the time to pet portal but while email/Internet access maybe unavailable for you, our office line is always available any time of day or night. In our over 20 years as professional pet care providers, we have learned that having a consistent route of communication assures our clients and staff that no detail slips through

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January Newsletter

Obesity is a huge problem with pets and it’s shortening their lives. I already believe that our furry family members are never with us long enough! There are entire books written about different ways to eat, whether it’s for specific allergies or the simple desire to feel healthier. So what’s the fuss? Why is it so complicated to eat? If it makes anyone feel better, dogs have similar issues to humans in the field of nutrition. Some dogs have allergies to specific meat, (like chicken) or reactions to grains in their food (thus grain-free formula was made). Since it seems

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Tips For Your Meet & Greet With Your Pet Sitter!

As a new client to Distinctive Pet Care; we want your experience to be outstanding! How can you help? Here are a few tips and suggestions! 1) Be Organized! Have your information together to include; your vet’s address and phone number, travel info including dates & times of travel and emergency contact information. 2) House Key-Have a well-used copy of your house key for your pet sitter. Even if we will be using an alternative form of entry like a garage key-less code, we do like to have a back up key. Over the years, we have had power outages,

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Pet Sitting For 20 years—What I’ve Realized!

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I started my official pet sitting business November of 1995. My friends and family were skeptical. What is that? How can you make money taking care of pets? I knew there was a need for this type of service after working in a veterinarian’s office and seeing the pets that didn’t do well in a kennel-type situation. I jumped in and started a service that was unchartered territory for pet parents. Over the past 20 years, pet sitting has become a well-known alternative in the pet industry. There are still somethings that pet parents do not realize about pet sitting.

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5 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil with Your Dog or Cat!

Coconut oil has many benefits for you and your pets!  They also tend to like it so it is easy to administer on their food and some will lick right off the spoon! 1)  Coconut oil improves the mental health & joints of your older pet-it can also help to reduce weight, regulate insulin and thyroid levels and help heart disease! 2)  Coconut oil can help improve “doggy breath” and digestive health! 3)  Coconut oil can help with wounds, bites and stings-just be sure that your dog doesn’t lick it off which will delay the healing of the injury spot.

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