Picking Out Your New Puppy

Do your research – How much activity will this breed need?  What type of activities do I want to be able to do with this breed?  What health issues is this breed known for?  What formulas of food do these breeds to best with? Are they known for liking other dogs, cats, children, etc?  What will you do with this puppy while you are at work or on vacation?  Will you board your pet or have a pet – sitter visit him? Try to be objective – You are looking for a well – balanced puppy that doesn’t show extremes

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As a new client to Distinctive Pet Care; we want your experience to be outstanding! How can you help? Here are a few tips and suggestions! 1) Be Organized! Have your information together to include; your vet’s address and phone number, travel info including dates & times of travel and emergency contact information. 2) House Key-Have a well-used copy of your house key for your pet sitter. Even if we will be using an alternative form of entry like a garage key-less code, we do like to have a back up key. Over the years, we have had power outages,

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Many customers will ask us this question and honestly our pet sitters do not expect anything from you except your gratitude for trusting us to care for your special four-legged family members!  We work hard to provide a customized experience for your pets so they are able to thrive and do well while you travel. Since we do get this question quite a bit, we have listed a few ideas below! 1)      Plan ahead as best you can and give your regular sitter as much notice as possible! 2)      Pay promptly so your pet sitter receives payment promptly. 3)      A

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