It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love!

It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love!

The first full week every March is dedicated to Professional Pet Sitters.
Let’s show some love to those who love our pets!


As a pet owner, we understand your pet is a member of the family. When life gets in the way, whether its long hours at work, business travel or vacation travel, it’s just as important that your pet’s schedule and care remains a top priority!

Having a trusted dog or pet sitter makes that easy!

But, not all “pet sitters” are the same; and not all pet sitting “services” are the same as well. So when choosing a pet sitter, take some time and effort to choose the best pet sitter and business for your pet’s needs to ensure peace of mind when you need their services.

Choose a PROFESSIONAL Pet Sitter

It can be tempting to use a friend, neighbor or even a family member to take care of your beloved pet in your absence, but there really is no substitute for a seasoned professional.

Why you ask? Below are seven important reasons.

  1. Professional pet sitters are pet lovers with lots of experience with lots of situations. (They are not just “hobbyists” trying to make a few extra dollars.)
  2. Professional pet sitters should be bonded, insured and background checked (we are!).
  3. Professional K9 and pet sitters are trained to understand animal communication and will be able to effectively comprehend – and work with – your pet’s fears, habits, likes and dislikes making for a smooth experience for everyone (and peace of mind while you’re away).
  4. A professional organization will always try to send the same sitter to ensure your pet’s ultimate comfort and happiness.
  5. Professional pet sitters should always receive ongoing training for pet care and best practices (ours do!).
  6. Professional pet sitters should also be Certified and Pet CPR & First Aid Trained (we are!).
  7. Professional pet sitters are also well-versed and prepared to act in your pet’s best interest in the event of an emergency, illness or the need to administer medications.

A Pet Sitter vs a Kennel

It’s always best to keep your pet in their own environment whenever possible. Aren’t you more comfortable in your own home than in a strange hotel room?

  • Pets are happier and much less stressed in familiar surroundings (with familiar sights, smells and sounds).
  • Pets thrive with their regular schedules, food and
  • Protect your pet from kennel illnesses, parasites and potential injuries.
  • Avoid the stress of dropping off and picking up your pet during certain hours.

 Professional Pet Sitters Typically Do More

If you’re out of town, having peace of mind for your pets and your home is huge! Many professional pet sitters will also offer some invaluable “extras” when they stop by your home.

  • Giving your home an “at home” appearance with:
    • Turning lights on/off;
    • Taking out/bringing in the trash and recyclables;
    • Bringing any mail/packages and newspapers inside;
    • Closing/opening curtains; and more.
  • Watering your plants – inside and outside.
  • Filling bird feeders and baths.

(Distinctive Pet Care of Littleton, Colorado provides all the services above and we even provide checks to homes without pets with our house-sitting services.)

Click Here to Meet the Staff at Distinctive Pet Care!

Dawn Olson Owner
Lis D. Associate Pet Sitter
Holly V. Associate Pet Sitter
Cassie P. Associate Pet Sitter
Julie H. Associate Pet Sitter
Kathy M. Associate Pet Sitter
Sheryl Associate Pet Sitter
Fran M. Associate Pet Sitter & Trainer
Cathy T. (aka Cat) Associate Pet Sitter
Nikki B. Associate Pet Sitter

Are you in the Littleton or Morrison area and looking for a professional dog or pet sitter?

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We are your Professional Pet Sitters
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