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Chloe's first groom!

Chloe’s first groom!

The Ken Caryl Pet Spa is our sister company. We offer lots of pet care options! Learn about our bathing options including a self-serve dog wash, or we would love to have your pet have a full spa day with us!  We do provide full serve hair cut appointments with one of our experienced pet stylists!

We provide cat grooming as well, read about why cat grooming is different than dog grooming.

We provide walk-in nail trims on cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits and more! We have solutions for allergies, itchy skin and shedding! We also carry a  large selection or pet retail items that includes major brands including  Avo-Derm, Fromm, Pinnacle, Canidae & Felidae Pet Foods, Natural Balance L.I.D., Taste of the Wild, Kong, Premier Gentle Leaders, and tons of USA made Bullies, Rocky Mountain Antlers, and other Colorado brands. Stop in and tell us you saw us on the DPC website!  Visit Our Website for all the info!

Pet Spa & Bathing Options

Pet Grooming
Puppy Care Info
CANINE COLORS (Personality Testing For You & Your Pet)

CPR, First Aid &
Care for Your Pets


on pet emergency training, CPR & First Aid Care and upcoming  class dates!

Learn Skills That Could Save Your Pets Life!This hands on class includes:
Basic Restraint & Muzzling

What is Normal For Your Pet
How To Identify An Emergency
Rescue Breathing & CPR for Dogs & Cats
What is Shock?
Choking Issues

Splinting & Bandaging

Insect & Snake Bites
Hypothermia & Heat Stroke
and much more!

Raising Your Puppy: The Ultimate Video Guide to Your Puppy’s First 6 Months

Join Ranger and Robin for her brand new online course: Raising Your Puppy: The Ultimate Video Guide to Your Puppy’s First 6 Months.

This on-line course a step-by-step guide on what to do from the moment your puppy comes home. As he or she grows, you’ll receive ongoing guidance, tips and advice for every stage of development.

You’ll also get:

  • Online access to short video tutorials covering all aspects of raising your puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months.
  • A weekly “What to Do This Week” printable checklist so your whole family knows the week’s puppy-raising goals.
  • Tips and tricks for solving common puppy issues such as jumping, biting, and house soiling
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions of Robin and other puppy parents.
  • My best picks on puppy toys, treats, crates, and other products.

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Getting your puppy started on the right paw now will help ensure that he or she grows up into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted family dog.

The course is only $99 for 3-years of unlimited access. Go at your own pace and review the material as many times as you need to.

But don’t wait! Every day that passes is critical to your puppy’s development and learning. Once this crucial window has closed, it can’t be reopened.

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Pet Info & Classes May 28, 2012