Meet & Greet

We will set up a convenient time to visit your home to meet you and your pets.  This meeting generally takes between 30-45 minutes for us to answer any questions, get your pet and home instructions just right and spend some time getting to know you and your pets, and pick up a key to your home.  Even if you have keyless entry into your home, we always ask for a well-used key as a backup.  (with over twenty-seven years of providing services, we have had power outages and garage door malfunctions).  If your pet receives medications, we would prefer that you schedule a visit that is close enough to the administration time, so that our sitters can experience your way of administering medications to help ensure our success!  We provide one meeting at no charge with an initial reservation of 4 visits.  If you need us to come out for an additional get-to-know-you visit or to provide any trial visits, you will be charged the regular visit charge.  Read Tips For Your Meet & Greet With Your Sitter

Cancellation Policy:

Mid-Day Dog Walks:  Visits canceled before 8 am the day of, 0% of service is due. Visits canceled after 8 am the day of, payment in full will be charged.

Vacation Visits:   Visits canceled 1-3 days before service: client is charged 100%.  Visits canceled 4-7 days before service: client is charged 50%.   Visits canceled eight or more days’ notice: no charge to the client.

Overnight Stays: (& included additional visits, if applicable),  Visits canceled 1-6 days before service: client is charged 100%.  Visits canceled 7-14 days before service: client is charged 50%, remainder credited to the client’s account.  Visits canceled 15 or more days’ notice: no charge, deposit will be credited to the client’s account.  (Since only our overnight caregivers can cover only one client at a time for Overnight Care, short-notice cancellations are highly impactful on our schedule.

Daily Pet Visits

We make 30-minute visits made to your home to care for your pets while you are traveling. We make as many visits as you feel your pet needs. We will meet with you ahead of your pets to get the instructions just right. We scoop litter boxes, feed, give fresh water with all the necessities, and more! We take care of multiple pets, and give oral & diabetic medications and tons of TLC always at no extra charge! We send you notes from each visit through your portal via email and they are all logged and accessible through your client portal.

Our regular pet care rates are $25.00 per visit (unless you have more than three 4-legged pets the cost is $27 per visit.)  Deer Creek Canyon, Willow Springs, and 285 corridors are outside our service area, and if we are able to provide services there may be extra costs for travel.  We also can provide a “Tuck-In Visit” which is during the time block of 8 pm-10 pm, which is $27 per visit (unless you have more than three 4-legged pets the cost is $29 per visit.)

Deposits-A non-refundable deposit may be required for new clients, lengthy assignments, holiday times, etc to secure your pet care reservation.

***Please understand that pets can be unpredictable while you are away and we may find that we are required to spend extra time with your pet for a variety of reasons. We will charge you according to the extra time spent.  This usually would include behavior, clean-up, or medical issues.  Please inform your sitter of ALL medical and/or behavior issues prior to your departure, as this helps us to be proactive versus reactive with your pet care needs.

Holidays: The day of the following observed holidays will incur a $5 per visit holiday fee.  (This fee is given to our sitters for spending time away from their families and spending the holidays with yours!)

New Year’s Eve Day    New Year’s Day    Easter    Memorial Day    July 4th    Labor Day     Thanksgiving    Christmas Eve Day     Christmas Day

PLEASE see our FAQ Page for additional information.

Overnight House & Pet Sitting



We offer limited overnight sitting from 7 pm-7 am. Please check with us early as only one sitter can cover one client with this service and we book up early.

Our overnight house-sitting rates are $85 per night.

Holidays: The day of the following observed holidays will incur a $10 per night holiday fee.  (This fee is given to our sitters for spending time away from their families and spending it with yours!)

Mid-Day Dog Walking & Potty Visits

We provide mid-day dog walking & potty breaks for extended work days. We can walk your pets* or just let them out in your yard and throw a ball around to get them some fresh air. We can set you up on a regular time and day each week so your pet gets used to our schedule and we always try to keep the same sitter so they develop a close relationship.

*We are happy to walk your leash-trained dog if they do not excessively pull which can put our pet sitter and/or your pet in danger while out in your neighborhood.   Your pets’ safety is our number one priority.  Walking multiple dogs or dogs that are not regularly walked is considered on a case-by-case basis.  We also prefer to use a regular 6-foot leash versus an extendable leash (like a Flexi-Lead) for the safety & control of your pet and our sitters.  Many injuries have been reported using this type of leash.

Looking for something more than just a walk for your dog?  Fran with Creating Forever Dogs (our sister company) offers a Dog Training Walk that incorporates some training along with a potty break.  This is a 45-minute walk that includes 20-30 minutes of basic obedience skills and leash training.  For information on this or other training services, visit Creating Forever Dogs.

Our dog walking rates are $25 per visit.   Once you are an established client, we ask that you make any mid-day visit requests in advance.  Any requests made within 48 hours are subject to a $7 fee for our sitters to manage their schedules appropriately.  (Holiday Fees apply to walks & potty visits, please see above.)

Puppy Playtime & Potty Breaks



We know that getting a new puppy can be quite an adjustment and we are here to help! We recommend that a puppy is not crated for more than an hour per month of age. (12 weeks = 3 hours, 16 weeks = 4 hours) We can help by providing some playtime activities, potty breaks, training reinforcement, and feeding if needed.

We have some informative puppy articles and a video on Crate Training for puppies located on our Puppy Info Pages at our Ken Caryl Pet Spa page.

We also can slowly adjust our times to move later as your puppy grows up!  If you are working on any certain obedience or training commands, let your sitter know as we would love to help enforce those and make training consistent.

We also offer puppy training through our sister company, Creating Forever Dogs.  If you are interested in setting your puppy up for success, we would love to help you!

Puppy sitting and playtime visits are $25 per visit.

Medications, Post-Surgical & Hospice Care

Pet Sitting Littleton Co

Quiet-age 21 We visited him 5x per week giving him meds. We miss you!

We like to be there in your time of need. If you have to work and you need us to stay with your pet while they recover from surgery or injury, please call us. We also provide veterinarian-approved medical care such as subcutaneous (SQ) fluid therapy and insulin injections. We have taken care of many kitties with kidney failure, helping to extend their lives, and decreasing their stress by providing the necessary treatments in their home. (No unnecessary car rides or vet visits.) We have also accompanied clients to their euthanasia appointments when the end time has come for their precious pets. Please call us if you ever find yourself in this situation and we can discuss how we can meet your needs.


Payments can be received directly by your pet sitter, by check (mailed to 12512-B W. Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, 80127) or credit cards are accepted through the client portal or our website.  Payments are due upon receipt of your invoice with a 7-day grace period.  We appreciate your prompt payment.  If we do not receive your payment within a week of sending your invoice, we may impose a late payment/administrative fee per your contract.  Please note that 100% of all gratuities are given directly to your pet sitter and are appreciated for a job well done.

Client References

DPC Client Reference 

“I can always count on you to take good care of my cat, she never seems stressed out when I come home. Unlike she has been with other sitters! Thanks for providing such a great service!”

Sharon D. Littleton, CO

DPC Client Reference

“Dawn Olson was a miracle for Zo. Not only financially did it save us, but for “Zo Man” it was perfect. We did not have to leave our home. She explained everything to us and was so gentle with Zo. She came 2-3 times per week for over 6 months. Zo Man is now in kitty heaven and Dawn even came to our veterinary hospital with us for support when it was time. She was unbelievable and is now a special friend.
WE highly recommend her services for your pets.”

Karen S. Littleton, CO


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We can personalize our services for each pet’s needs so if you need a bit longer visit, or you have another request, JUST ASK! After 27 years, we’ve had a lot of special situations and requests and we always do our best to custom-fit your pet care just the way they need it!!

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