Each visit is approximately 30 minutes long. During each visit, your pet will be let out to potty at least once, walked (if requested & leash trained), given fresh food and water, clean litter boxes, and we give lots of tender, loving care. We can even leave the television on for your pets which can help alleviate separation anxiety or to just keep your pet company. We keep a daily diary about your pet(s) which are fun to read once you return home. We can make recommendations for number of visits based on your pets’ age, medical background & set up at their home.

Our Meet & Greet is required for all new clients. We schedule the Meet & Greet to get to know you and your pets. This gives us the opportunity to fill out our service contract, pick up a key and get all the important instructions to care for your pets properly. We visit your home once without a charge and if you are needing a follow-up consultation, then a regular visit fee is applicable. (This would be in the event of a cancelled trip, change in pets or their instructions and cannot be discussed over the phone.)

Our  Meet & Greet is completed at no charge with a minimum of 4 or more scheduled visits.  If you are needing less than 4 visits, we charge a regular visit fee for the Meet & Greet.  If you are needing a pet sitter to be set up with no immediate visits scheduled (such as an expectant birth or death where you are anticipating needing short notice and wanting everything set up in advance) then the regular visit fee is charged and credited once you use our services.

We do provide dog walking & mid day dog walks if your pet is leash-trained.  If your sitter deems that it is unsafe for them or your pets, we will be unable to take your dog(s) out for walks.  Our sitters may recommend a trainer or training aids such as a Gentle Leader to help with walking pets.  Your pet(s) safety is our responsibility while in our care and we will discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis.

We are insured through The Hartford in conjunction with The Ken Caryl Pet Spa, which is a special coverage written for pet sitters and groomers that covers the care, custody & control of the pet as well. Bonding covers theft only, and we are bonded for your peace of mind.

Please do not place our employees in the position of offering them employment apart from Distinctive Pet Care. Our sitters are prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly from our clients.  Their liability and workman’s compensation insurance would not cover them.  Please note that any tips that you choose to tip your pet sitter, in any payment form, 100% will be given directly to your sitter. We also keep a master calendar of all pet visits and have back up available if your pet sitter has an illness or family emergency.

Yes, we will administer medication. However, be aware that some pets are unpredictable and may be more difficult with their owner(s) gone. In some cases we are unable to administer the medications, due to the safety of the sitter or the pet.  We do have pet sitters trained to give insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids too.

We will try to contact you first; otherwise we will take the appropriate steps to have your pet seen by your regular veterinarian or a nearby veterinarian depending on the nature of the illness or injury. This is why the Emergency Contact and Vet Information on our contract and keeping it up-to-date is so important!

Consider yourself fortunate if you have someone to help with your pets’ needs. At some point in the future, they will be unavailable and then you will be in need of our services. We’ve also acquired many clients that have had family and neighbors cancel at the last minute or not provide the care that they promised. We are Bonded & Insured, Accredited through Pet Sitter’s International, and we won’t ever ask you to watch our pets when we go out of town!

Yes! Our business is open 365 days per year. We charge a holiday fee of just $5 more per visit on the major holidays of New Year’s Eve Day New Year’s Day Easter Memorial Day July 4th Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Day Christmas Day

We find that our pet sitters spend time away from their families during these special days and the extra fee is a small benefit for missing out on some special celebrations.

Yes, we work very closely with The Ken Caryl Pet Spa, (also owned & operated by Dawn Olson); a self-serve and full-serve grooming/bathing pet center in Littleton. They also offer pet nail trims, quality, premium pet foods including raw frozen,  gourmet treats and pet retail items!  We can even arrange transportation from your home to The Pet Spa if needed (within a 5 mile radius).

For longer jobs, a deposit may be required, otherwise full payment will be received upon return of your key or as soon as you return.  Many repeat clients have us hold their key and will leave payment. Payment is expected immediately upon receipt of your invoice with a grace period of 7 days. We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards through PayPal.  If dropping off or mailing a check, please use the following address: 12512-B W. Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, CO  80127

Your pet sitter can make arrangements to return your key and pick up payment for services.  We do charge $5 to pick up or drop off your keys, or we can hold your keys.  We code these with no identifying markers and store in our secure lockbox.  Please communicate your wishes to your pet sitter.

Any keys left in our possession are kept in a lockbox and labeled with a special tag with a unique number.  They are checked in and out by your pet sitter and also are labeled with our contact information!