Yes, Your Littleton Feline Needs a Regular Cat Sitter; Here’s Why!

Yes Your Feline Needs a Cat Sitter

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

It’s true, your feline (just like a canine) needs love and attention every day from their favorite pet sitter to ensure they’re happy and well!

While cats may seem more independent, they still need daily visits and social interaction to support their overall well-being and safety. In fact, below are five purr-fect reasons why your cat needs a regular sitter!

Image by Юрий Сидоренко from Pixabay

Curious Noses and Paws

Our pets are incredibly curious and even nosy! When left to their own devices for too long, cats (just like dogs) can get themselves into trouble!

Overly curious cats can become trapped without access to water, food and their litter box. Cats who are facing long days of boredom and little mental stimulation can create costly damage and even accidents like broken items which can inadvertently hurt them physically.

Health Issues

As with all pets, it’s important to monitor your kitty’s health on a regular basis especially for sudden health issues.

Did you know that a feline urinary blockage can quickly appear and be fatal in as little as THREE days?! Daily pet sitter visits (especially when you are gone for extended periods) can head off potentially dangerous health conditions with immediate and proper medical attention!

Image by Danny Chang from Pixabay

Even without such a sudden health emergency, cats can also be at risk for choking (and other life-threatening blockages) with common, everyday items like:

• Q-tips
• Decorations
• Dental floss
• Rubber bands
• Electrical wires and so much more.

Does your resident feline require medication? A regular cat sitter can ensure it’s administered on a consistent schedule.

Physical & Mental Stimulation

While many cats seem perfectly fine being solitary creatures, they are naturally active and love stimulating play. Regular playtime offers many benefits including:
• Physical activity
• Mental stimulation
• Social interaction
• Reduces boredom
• Eliminates erratic behavior
• Eliminates destructive behaviors like:
o Chewing
o Biting
o Clawing and
o Accidents

Cats (and most pets) are creatures of habit and when their normal routines and schedules are interrupted or the house suddenly becomes quiet for longer periods than usual, your feline can become:
• Confused
• Anxious
• Insecure
• Stressed and
• Even fearful.

Regular visits by a professional cat sitter will offer your feline important companionship and activities to keep them happier and healthier in the comfort of their own home.

Dirty Litter Boxes

It’s a well-known fact that most cats will not use a dirty or unkempt litter box. When this happens, your usually well-behaved cat will begin to relieve themselves in other parts of your home. That’s something you don’t want to come home to after a long day!

A professional cat sitter can help that from happening and while also watching out for changes in your feline’s usual elimination patterns for signs of potential health issues.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the best reasons to regularly use a cat sitter is your peace of mind!

Regular visits ensure your cat’s best health, well-being and overall happiness when you can’t be with them.

Even in the event of power outages, the breakdown of your heating or air conditioning system, you can rest easy that someone will be regularly checking on your cat’s comfort and your home when you’re not there!

Is your cat home alone for extended periods of time?

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