It’s Chip Your Pet Month; Have You?

It’s Chip Your Pet Month; Have You?


When your pet goes missing, a simple embedded chip
could help him find his way back home sooner.
Before it’s too late, get your pet chipped!

REAL STORY!  Just last week, one of my sitters saw a post in her local neighborhood Facebook Group.  The post was about a found poodle.  It didn’t have a picture, so we responded, asking for a picture, low and behold, we recognized this Standard Poodle as one of our grooming clients at The Ken Caryl Pet Spa!  We texted & called the client, who happened to be out of the country.  The person who found Roxy was also a client and we put the two of them in touch very quickly!

As a devoted pet owner myself, I absolutely hate to think about my dog or cat getting lost and I’m sure most pet owners feel the same way! But the reality is that things do happen so it’s important to plan ahead and proactively protect your pet in case they do get out of the safety of your home.

The Reality in Numbers

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), approximately 68% of households (about 85 million families) own a pet as of 2017-2018. But sadly, approximately 6.5 million American pets enter shelters each year nationwide. And of those, only 710,000 stray dogs and cats are returned to their rightful owners.

Please don’t let your dog or cat become a statistic!

How It Happens: The Top 8

It takes less than a minute – or just a quick glance away – for your pet to escape!  The most common ways for your pet to become lost includes:

  1. A broken fence or gate or a fence that is easy to jump.
  2. Slipping out of a collar that is not properly fitted.
  3. Being scared by fireworks, thunder or other loud noises.
  4. Chasing wildlife or other pets (especially if your dog has a high prey drive).
  5. During a party or gathering when people are distracted and doors are constantly being opened and loosely monitored.
  6. While they are in the care of a family member, friend or even professional.
  7. Being stolen.
  8. During a move.

When (Not IF) Your Pet Goes Missing, Are They Protected?

There are a variety of ways to protect your pet with Pet ID options. We suggest using a combination of options (since physical collar tags can easily become lost or too worn to read).

Here are the top 5 options for effective Pet ID:

  1. Collar Tags:
    • Traditional Metal or Plastic Id Tags or Pet Identification Licenses
    • Slide-on ID tags
    • Laser-engraved collar buckles
    • Leather collars with Riveted ID tags
    • QR Code tags read by most cell phones;
  1. Implanted microchips:
  1. GPS Tracking Device:

  1. Permanent Tattoos (on the ear flap, stomach or inner leg); and
  2. Facial Recognition Technology:

A Quick Reminder

Whichever option(s) you choose to ID your pet, make a note to regularly confirm your information on file is active and current for a safe and quick return of your beloved pet!

A Nextdoor Community Member?

The fast-growing Nextdoor Community is also a valuable resource when a local pet goes missing. If there is a Community set up in your neighborhood, reach out to your neighbors to help find your lost pet – or someone else’s – fast!


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