Back to School: Is It Time For A Dog Walker?

Back to School: Is it Time for a Dog Walker? | Distinctive Pet CareHow Can a Mid-day Visit Help My Dog?

A midday visit will help break up Fido’s day allowing him to get a potty break and some TLC. Midday visits give Fido mental stimulation and exercise. Being left alone all day after constant companionship can cause some separation anxiety and a midday visit is just the trick!


Is a Mid-day Visit Right For My Dog?

Most dogs do well with one or two visits during that day while their family is away at school or work. Mid-day visits are great for those families with puppies that have had go back to work after Summer vacation. If your dog is okay with staying home alone for at least 4 hours, a midday visit should be a good fit. Our sister company, Ken Caryl Pet Spa, pointed out in a recent blog post that hiring a dog walker is an important part of Proper Puppy Care!  Give our expert staff a call or visit our services page to find out more about our dog walking & potty break services.