Grooming: First Line of Defense for Your Pet

Grooming: First Line of Defense for your Pet | Distinctive Pet Care | Littleton, CO

Grooming is the first line of defense for your pet. Your groomer may not be a veterinarian, but they have worked with many dogs and cats over the years and chances are they know if your pet is suffering from an ear infection, skin condition, dental disease, and external parasites such as flea & ticks.  According to our founder Dawn Olson, CVT, CPPS who also founded our sister company Ken Caryl Pet Spa, “Regular brushing, nail trims and teeth brushing are very important.  “When nails grow too long, dogs have trouble gripping the floor with their pads, add bad hips and this is an injury waiting to happen!  It’s a proven fact that regular dental care can extend your pet’s life 3-5 years! Dogs with extra dead undercoat cannot regulate their body temperature as well in the heat and in cold temperatures.   The coat also can become wet and stay that way, causing other issues under their hair and on the skin such as yeast infections and bugs love where it is warm and moist.”

What can I expect during my first grooming appointment?

While we can’t speak for every groomer’s process, here is what you can expect at Ken Caryl Pet Spa:

Step 1) You will complete an intake consultation which includes meeting with your groomer or bather. During the meeting, your pet’s health issues & concerns will be addressed and additional services such as special shampoos or teeth brushing will be reviewed. How you would like your pet’s hair cut will be reviewed and finally, the cost & time needed will be explained.

Step 2) A new client form will need to be completed by you to ensure we have your correct contact information on file.

Step 3) Your dog will be bathed, have their nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Then your dog will be dried and their hair will be brushed out.

Step 5) Your groomer will complete the haircut discussed during the intake consultation.

Step 6) You will receive a phone call letting you know that your pet’s grooming appointment is complete and your pet is ready for pick up.

Step 7) You will be checked-out for service and given a report card and recommendation to schedule your next appointment. Finally, your pet is brought out smelling and looking great!

Regular grooming is important for your dog’s overall health. Stop in for a visit at our sister company.  Ken Caryl Pet Spa’s location in Littleton, Colorado located at 12512-B W Ken Caryl Avenue, Littleton, CO 80127 or give them a call to schedule an appointment at (720) 981-7387. You can also visit their website for more information by clicking here. While you are there, take a gander at all of the wonderful pet products they have in the shop!

Written by Julie Gajewski. Julie has been pet sitting and working in the veterinary industry as both a Veterinary Technician and Veterinary hospital administrator since 1997. She founded her pet sitting company, Fuzzy Friends Pet Care, at the young age of 16. She was nominated as one of Pet Sitters International’s Top 5 Pet Sitters in 2016 and is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International. She is a pet business consultant and a guest blog writer for pet sitters across the world. She lives in Florida with her husband and furry children, 2 Pugs and 4 cats.