Many customers will ask us this question and honestly our pet sitters do not expect anything from you except your gratitude for trusting us to care for your special four-legged family members!  We work hard to provide a customized experience for your pets so they are able to thrive and do well while you travel.

Since we do get this question quite a bit, we have listed a few ideas below!

1)      Plan ahead as best you can and give your regular sitter as much notice as possible!

2)      Pay promptly so your pet sitter receives payment promptly.

3)      A cute card, postcard from your trip or hand-written note is cherished and then put in our display book when meeting with new customers.

4)      Along those same lines, a thoughtful written referral submitted on our website, helps new customers know the job we do!  You may email those to and we will post them to our Reference Page at

5)      A gift-card for coffee shop, restaurant, gas or movie night is always useful since we are driving around most of the days, working 365 days/year and 7 days per week.

6)      Tips-certainly receiving gratuity is always appreciated but not expected.  Any tip that is included above and beyond your invoice whether by check or Pay Pal  through our website ( will be forwarded directly to your sitter.  You may always leave one for your sitter directly if you would like to.