PSP Portal-Payments & Gratuities

To easily pay through the Pet Sitter Plus Client Portal, we have given you some screen shots to assist you!

First access your client portal.  Instructions for this are located HERE.

(To schedule pet care reservations, instructions are located HERE.)

Here is your Account Summary.  We have had many questions about adding a tip for our pet sitters and the latest release now makes this very easy. (see red arrow)  The next column is your total per invoice.  You may click on the pencil/edit icon to add a tip.  (Please know that 100% of any gratuity goes directly to the sitter or sitters that performed the services.

pet sitting littleton, CO

The next screen will look like this.  You may calculate your own tip or choose a percentage and you may add a note as well!  Click on the blue “Update” button and your Total Outstanding amount will be adjusted.  Click on the blue “Pay with Paypal Standard” button.  Understand that you DO NOT need to have a Paypal account to pay your sitting littleton, CO

The next screen will look like this.  This is where you can pay with a Paypal account or click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”.  Then you will need to enter your chosen credit card info. 

Pet Sitter Littleton Colorado

We hope this helps you to pay your pet sitting invoices easily and promptly.  Please remember that payment is due immediately after receiving your invoice for a vacation sit but we give you a 7-day grace period.  Regular dog walking invoices are also due when you receive your invoice. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us by email at or phone our office at 303-904-0484.  Thank you and we always appreciate your business! 

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