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Colorado Hiking with Your Dog: How to Avoid K9 Heatstroke! 

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog: How to Avoid K9 Heatstroke! Image by 2999607 from Pixabay For the ultimate mountain and dog lover, hiking season is here!   But first, learn some lifesaving information about K9 heat exhaustion and deadly heatstroke. You just might save your dog’s life!   Without a doubt, we have the best trails and mountain views in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado! But to enjoy the safest experiences, it’s important to effectively prepare before heading out!   Did you know that even in the cooler temperatures of the mountains, your dog can still be challenged with heat stress/exhaustion; and if left unaddressed, can lead to life-threatening heatstroke?   It’s true.  Image by Terje Ansgar Eriksen from Pixabay  Remember, most dogs don’t have an “off” switch especially ifRead more

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog Avoid These 6 Plants

Colorado Hiking with Your Dog Avoid These 6 Plants Image by Janet Meyer from Pixabay With warmer temperatures, it’s the perfect time to hit the trails with your dog! But before you do, read this quick blog to know which plants are not dog-friendly!  I love hitting the trails in Colorado with my K9 friends. But with all the snow, and now warmer temperatures, it’s critical to stay vigilant for native plants that could harm your dog. Even some of the most beautiful wildflowers pose a very real risk to an unsuspecting dog (or human). So before you lace up the hikingRead more