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Pet Suffocation is a Preventable Tragedy!

Pet Suffocation is a preventable tragedy

You come home to find your pet motionless with a chip bag or other type of bag over their head. These mylar type bags become a hazard that your pet may find in the trash, cupboard or on the counter. We never want to hear of this untimely tragedy for any of our clients, so please help spread the word! Make sure to dispose of these types of bags properly (cut the bottom off) and make sure you pet cannot reach counters or trash cans. Resources:

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Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid | Distinctive Pet Care | Pet Sitter Littleton, CO

Being informed on Pet First Aid when an animal related emergency occurs, could save your pet’s life. Before administering pet first aid, always keep your safety in mind! Never hug an injured pet and always keep your face clear of the mouth to avoid a bite. Remember, administering pet first aid is not a substitute for treatment by a licensed veterinarian. Always take your pet to the vet after an emergency occurs! Broken Bones Bone fractures are very painful! Before handling a pet with a broken bone, first, place a muzzle on them to prevent an unintentional bite. Second, to

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