How Do We Compete With Companies Like Rover & Wag! Popping Up?

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Any business needs to be on their toes, constantly reinventing themselves to compete in their market and after 20 years, it is crazy how the pet industry has changed. Who would have been able to guess that we would have special software for dog walkers and pet sitters, let alone apps where we can just schedule a sitter we have never met to come into our house to care for our furry family members? When I started this pet sitting “gig” in 1995, most people hadn’t even heard of a pet sitter or the concept!

My Goal is to put pet lovers on my staff but they also need to have more knowledge than just “loving pets” because they can be very unpredictable when their pet parents aren’t home. They also can become stressed and stop eating or get GI upsets and I want my staff to know how to handle situations that they may come across. I want all my staff to be on the same page, have the same knowledge and be proactive with the pets we are responsible for, instead of finding them in a reactive situation. I am super excited that I stumbled across this great company that helps me solve the problem of training, problem solving and being able to see real-life scenarios through their explanations with pets on video.

FetchFind is an online education system designed to train, educate, and empower pet care staff. The curriculum has been developed over decades of research, testing, and real-life application, and the content is constantly updated to reflect current best practices in the pet industry. The FetchFind learning platform gives pet care businesses the tools they need to provide outstanding training to their staff and world-class care to all of their clients.

Fetchfind has over 90 videos with topics about “Safe Greetings” to “Top 10 Dog Breeds & Characteristics”, “Dog Body Language”, Training, Proper Fitting of Collar & Leashes, Administering Medications and much more.

I think this will help staff take even better care of your pets! We look forward to serving you in 2018!

Written by Dawn Olson, has been pet sitting and working in the veterinary industry as both a technician and pet sitter since 1989. She is the owner/operator of the Ken Caryl Pet Spa & Supplies and Distinctive Pet Care,  She lives in Littleton, Colorado with her 2 boys and Toby, a 13 year old Poodle and 2 Siamese cats.