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A Professional Pet Sitter Is Priceless for THIS Too!

If you own a pet, you probably already know the value of a professional pet sitter! But they protect more than your pets! Image by La Miko from Pexels Did you know that a pet sitter represents peace of mind, not only for your beloved pets but also for your home during your absence? Whether its long hours at the office, out-of-town travel for business or pleasure or just date night, it’s important that your pet and home are looked after and protected; especially during the cold winter (and hot summer) months! A trusted professional dog or pet sitter canRead more

How Do We Compete With Companies Like Rover & Wag! Popping Up?

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Any business needs to be on their toes, constantly reinventing themselves to compete in their market and after 20 years, it is crazy how the pet industry has changed. Who would have been able to guess that we would have special software for dog walkers and pet sitters, let alone apps where we can just schedule a sitter we have never met to come into our house to care for our furry family members? When I started this pet sitting “gig” in 1995, most people hadn’t even heard of a pet sitter or the concept! My Goal is to put

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