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It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love!

It’s Time to Show Your Pet Sitter Some Love! The first full week every March is dedicated to Professional Pet Sitters. Let’s show some love to those who love our pets!   As a pet owner, we understand your pet is a member of the family. When life gets in the way, whether its long hours at work, business travel or vacation travel, it’s just as important that your pet’s schedule and care remains a top priority! Having a trusted dog or pet sitter makes that easy! But, not all “pet sitters” are the same; and not all pet sittingRead more

It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

National Train Your Dog Month Cat Sitting Littleton CO

It’s National Train Your Dog Month! Training is not just for the brand-new puppy; it offers benefits throughout your dog’s life and helps re-strengthen your bond with your beloved family member. Whether you’re going to do it on your own or search out a professional trainer, dog training should be a staple (like exercise, food and medical care) in your relationship with your K9. Training is never a “one-and-done” activity and it’s so much more than just obedience commands and the recitation of moves. All training (no matter the specific method) should be positive and force-free, consistent, relatively short and

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