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Life after Coronavirus Will Your Dog Be Ok?

Coronavirus A Whole New World for Us and Our Pets (1)
Life after Coronavirus, Will Your Dog Be Ok? Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Without a doubt, our dogs are loving being sheltered at home with them! For a dog, this is a dream come TRUE!  But … when humans go back to their daily lives and activities, will our dogs be ok? Image by congerdesign from Pixabay Coronavirus: A Whole New World for Us and Our Pets For most of us, we’ve never seen anything like this before; where life, as we knew it, has completely stopped and shut down. According to the Business Insider on April 7, 2020, approximately 95% ofRead more

Help Your Pet Avoid Cabin Fever During Cold Winter Months

With colder temperatures and snow, keeping your pet happy and content can be a bit more challenging, especially if they (or you!) are not fans of winter months. Also, with the extra demands of the holiday season, it can be a struggle to find enough quality time to spend with your pets. But despite the colder temperatures and crowded holiday schedules, it’s just as important to provide regular physical exercise and mental stimulation for your pets. Or hire someone who can help. Pet Winter Safety: Active but Safe Just like their human owners, pets can become bored, complacent and even

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National Walk Your Dog Week: October 1-7

Excuse us, your dog would like to make an announcement. The first week of October is National Walk Your Dog Week! Created in 2010 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, National Walk Your Dog Week focuses on improving the health and well-being of America’s dogs by talking them (and ourselves) for a walk! Why is This Week So Important? Interestingly, the National Walk Your Dog Week precedes and addresses another important October “pet holiday” … namely, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (on October 10th this year). Did you know that being overweight or obese is an

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Why doesn’t my cat drink a lot of water?

Why doesn't my cat drink a lot of water

We all know cats are picky. They are known to snub their favorite food and often change where they prefer to sleep. When it comes to their water, their pickiness reaches a whole new level. Kidney disease is the number one killer of most domesticated cats. Knowing why your cat is so picky about drinking water and what you can do to get them to drink more water may help your cat’s kidney function and extend their life! Your Cat Still Uses Its Survival Instincts Ancient Egyptians domesticated the first cat over 4,000 years ago, but Fluffy still uses the

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month

What better way to celebrate than to learn about ways to keep your pet’s bad breath at bay. We’ve all been there. Fido comes in for a kiss and BAM! you are knocked on the floor practically unconscious from the rank smell of roadkill that radiates from your dog’s mouth. Bad breath is not just unpleasant, it can be an indicator of some serious issues going on in your pet’s mouth. Periodontal disease is serious and can lead to tooth pain, abscessed teeth, heart disease, kidney disease, and more. Did you know there are ways to keep your pet’s breath

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Winter Safety Tips for Pets

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Know what temperature your dog can handle Number one on our list of winter safety tips for pets is, know what temperature your dog can handle. Some dogs were born for the snow! Others prefer to bask in the sun and vacation in Florida! Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, and Great Pyrenees have what it takes in their DNA to withstand extreme temperatures and long snowy hikes. Their double coat protects them from the elements. Be careful when taking Chico the Chihuahua and other small toy breeds outside during a winter wonderland. Their small stature and short hair can cause a leisurely

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January Newsletter

Obesity is a huge problem with pets and it’s shortening their lives. I already believe that our furry family members are never with us long enough! There are entire books written about different ways to eat, whether it’s for specific allergies or the simple desire to feel healthier. So what’s the fuss? Why is it so complicated to eat? If it makes anyone feel better, dogs have similar issues to humans in the field of nutrition. Some dogs have allergies to specific meat, (like chicken) or reactions to grains in their food (thus grain-free formula was made). Since it seems

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5 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil with Your Dog or Cat!

Coconut oil has many benefits for you and your pets!  They also tend to like it so it is easy to administer on their food and some will lick right off the spoon! 1)  Coconut oil improves the mental health & joints of your older pet-it can also help to reduce weight, regulate insulin and thyroid levels and help heart disease! 2)  Coconut oil can help improve “doggy breath” and digestive health! 3)  Coconut oil can help with wounds, bites and stings-just be sure that your dog doesn’t lick it off which will delay the healing of the injury spot.

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