A Professional Pet Sitter Is Priceless for THIS Too!

If you own a pet, you probably already know the value of a professional pet sitter!

But they protect more than your pets!

Did you know that a pet sitter represents peace of mind, not only for your beloved pets but also for your home during your absence? Whether its long hours at the office, out-of-town travel for business or pleasure or just date night, it’s important that your pet and home are looked after and protected; especially during the cold winter (and hot summer) months!

A trusted professional dog or pet sitter can help!

If you’re still looking for a professional pet sitter, check out our blog post for tips.

 Keep reading to learn all the different ways a dog/cat/pet sitter can further protect you.


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A Professional Pet Sitting: It’s About More Than Your Pet

Of course, a pet sitter’s primary focus is caring for your dog, cat or other pet. They keep your pets on their regular feeding and exercise schedule while also giving them quality time and companionship when you can’t be there. They can also get medical help for your pet in the case of an emergency.

But there are other things you may have never considered too!

6 Ways Your Pet Sitter Protects Your Home

Whether the pet sitter is just stopping by for daily visits and/or spending the night at your home with your pet(s), their presence also helps protect your home. How?  Check out the 6 simple, but priceless ways below!

  1. A pet sitter can make it look like someone is at regularly home discouraging people from breaking into a seemingly empty house. They can turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, bring in any mail or packages and take out the trash on regular days. (They can also make sure those webcams; baby monitors and security cams are turned off and not live streaming your empty house!)

  2. A pet sitter will make sure your heat (or air conditioning) is working properly for your pet’s ultimate comfort. If it’s not, they can call for repairs in your absence.
  3. A pet sitter can help address any other unforeseen events as well, a broken pipe or water heater or smells of gas. They can also flush toilets and run the water in showers so there’s no funky odor when you return home.
  4. A pet sitter can make sure your sidewalks/driveway are shoveled (a sure giveaway you’re gone). If you have a neighbor that can be hired while you are gone, this is helpful as our sitters are focused on the pet care and travelling in winter weather can be slow and stressful for your sitter!
  5. Loud chirping alarms (like smoke, fire or carbon monoxide) can be addressed quickly to keep your pets calm and happy instead of anxious and frightened by the loud and constant alarm sounds. (Make sure to replace batteries if you haven’t recently, we have seen the chirping really create unnecessary anxiety for your pets!)
  6. Pet sitters can also water your plants (who wants to come home to dead plants?!) and even fill bird feeders.

Before Your Next Trip Out of Town


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Help your pet sitter help you by updating your client portal for them during your absence. Make sure your pet sitter has any and all necessary contact information including:

  • How to reach you while you’re gone or a local family member or neighbor.
  • Having a neighbor, friend or family member on call for house, weather or pet emergencies that your sitter may be able to contact.
  • Your regular vet (and make sure the vet knows about the pet sitter too).
  • Updated medications: we do our best to administer medications, but some pets do react differently while you are away. We do our very best to make sure the proper medications and dosage are given on schedule, but pets can be unpredictable!
  • Other pertinent information.

With some thoughtful preparation, you can be assured that both your home and your pets are being looked after as you wish with complete peace of mind!

(Distinctive Pet Care of Littleton, Colorado also provide checks to homes without pets with our house-sitting services.)

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Just call us at 303-904-0484 today to set up a Meet & Greet.

(We’d love to meet you and your pet!)

We are your Professional, Insured, Bonded and Background-Checked

Pet Sitters (and have been for over 20 years)!